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Meet the Members of the Hilltop Collective

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Mike Nagel

Mike Nagel is a skilled sound engineer and musical producer. He is also an extremely talented musician and songwriter. Mike has been playing the guitar for twenty years. You can find some of his work (and his hilarious sense of humor) listed under the name Yeah Yeah Cool Cool on Spotify and iTunes. Follow the link to check out his music and read more about Mike and his “battery-powered light-up unicorn”. 

Rebekah Johnson

Rebekah Johnson has been singing and writing songs for over twenty years. Songwriting is a creative outlet Rebekah uses for thought exploration, processing through life, and good-old fashioned entertainment. Rebekah maintains the blog where she provides the song lyrics and sometimes a bit of a back story for new releases. You can check out Rebekah’s blog by clicking on the following link. 

Steve Horvath

Steve Horvath is the owner of Guitar Lessons Wylie Texas and an incredibly talented and skilled guitar player. He has over 20 years of experience playing electric and acoustic guitar and currently plays lead guitar in a classic rock band. Steve also plays lead guitar at several local churches. He has 19 years of guitar teaching experience and spent 7 years as a worship leader/music director. For more information on Guitar Lessons Wylie Texas or to sign up for lessons, use the following link.

Our Mission

Hilltop Collective is an outlet to share our passionate pursuits in the creative arts as we venture into “art for art’s sake” and see where the journey leads.

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