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The other day when Steve asked if I had written any new songs, I responded, “More religious angst!”

Religious systems and environments seem to be the “gift that keeps on giving” in my creative world. Faith and religion are topics I continue to deconstruct. My experiences with Jesus have been nothing short of supernatural. I have experienced an overwhelming flood of light, mercy, peace, and unconditional love and acceptance from Jesus. On the other hand, I have experienced an overwhelming flood of pain from judgement, condemnation, rejection, and insensitive correction from those claiming they are doing so because of something they read in the Bible. People come with their own trauma, conditioning, fear, and defensive mechanisms at work. From those places, even with the best intentions, people cause pain and suffering. Unfortunately, I am no different in this regard, so I continue to pray that God has mercy on all of us and every mess we create in the lives of other people.

Mercy Lyrics

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